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December 12, 2022


MAP Project Spotlight: Cycle Lane Infrastructure Project

An individual with a mobility device using a cycle lane

The MAP Project has a new and exciting project! The Cycle Lane Infrastructure project explores the mobility experiences of wheeled device users and cyclists who use urban pathways.

We spoke with Tyrone Scales, a doctoral student involved with the project, about why this research is meaningful to him. Read more

Rendez-Vous Avec Himani and Maxime

Himani Prajapati

Himani is a Graduate Research Assistant completing her PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of British Columbia. Currently, Himani is working on transportation facilities and barriers in airlines for people with disabilities. Listening to music makes her smile! Read more

Maxime Kiki

Maxime is a Graduate Research Assistant completing his PhD at Université Laval. Currently, Maxime is working on improving the use of public transport to facilitate the social participation and integration of older individuals and people with disabilities or loss of mobility. Writing poetry verses is his hidden talent and he loves cooking! Read more

Partner Updates

Silver Harbour Senior’s Activity Centre logo

The Silver Harbour Senior’s Activity Centre is a gathering place for local older adults located in North Vancouver. Read more about the centre’s involvement in MAP!

Adaptavie logo

Adaptavie’s mission has been to prevent, maintain, improve and promote the physical and mental well-being as well as the autonomy of people living with functional limitations. Read more about several projects underway as part of Adaptavie’s partnership with MAP!

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