A person demonstrating something to someone else on a computer.
A person demonstrating something to someone else on a computer. (Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash)

The MAP partnership pulls together individuals from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. This wealth of experience and knowledge creates an environment that fosters opportunities for growth and learning. Within the partnership, project team members collaborate and build off of one another’s expertise. Community members, organizational and municipal partners, bring valuable knowledge and real-life examples to research constructs. Staff include students, early career professionals , and experienced professionals. At every level, team members are provided opportunities for mentorship, supervision, and training. MAP provides training opportunities through the CARE Program- Certification of Accessibility Research Excellence.

Mobility Access Participation Certificate of Excellence (MAP-CE)

Mobility, Access, Participation Certificate of Excellence (MAP-CE) logo

The MAP Certification Program aims to provide learning opportunities for all trainees and research staff across each site (UBC, SFU, and Laval). The Certificate aims to educate students about the MAP Partnership and build research skills in the context of MAP core principles: Mobility, Access, and Participation for Disabled Canadians. The Certificate program will be guided by a set of Learning goals which can be fulfilled in a variety of ways including a MAP Introductory module, MAP organized internal and external workshops, approved modules, workshops, and resources. MAP team members can access the CARE training program through the the UBC Canvas platform.