MAP team members attended the INCREASE BC conference on April 17th, 2024!

Check out some photos of team members participating in the conference:

MAP Team Members at the Increase BC Conference on April 17th 2024. Top row left to right: Ben Mortenson, Jessie Hall, Janice Chan, Tyrone Scales, Sobhan Poormasjedi. Bottom row left to right: Jodine Perkins, Sophia Sauvageau, Gillian Bever
Cycle Lane project members posing next to their poster. From left to right: Gillian Bever, Ben Mortenson, Tyrone Scales, Jodine Perkins, Jessie Hall, Janice Chan
Matters Lab Members Standing next to one of Pegah’s photos at the INCREASE BC Conference. From left to right: Brittany Pousett, Adit Dhariwal, Gordon Tao, Bill Miller, Pegah Derakhshan, Himani Vaishnav, Ethan Simpson