The SWAN Project is recruiting participants to complete a neighbourhood audit!

Earn at least $50 by participating in an interview! The SWAN Project is looking for research participants to complete a neighbourhood audit.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours 

Token of appreciation: $50 for two street segments, $75 for more than two street segments 

Who can participate? Individuals with vision disabilities who may or may not use visual aids (excluding issues that can be corrected using common tools like glasses) and who can walk a few blocks on their own and communicate comfortably in English

Date and time: Scheduling is based on your availability

Who are we? Dr. Atiya Mahmood’s research team at Simon Fraser University

This is the webpage for our research study:

We would like to learn about your experiences with getting around in neighbourhoods so that your challenges can be improved! Please contact us directly to learn more:


Phone(778) 782-7635 

If you are unsure whether you qualify as a participant, we are happy to talk to you!